Where is all the Stimulous Money Going?

According to economists…it is going to these key industries:  Energy, Green Tech, Water, Canada/exports, Higher Education (notably non-public institutions), Health Care Practices,  Leisure, Pets, Funeral Services, Alcohol, Security, and Legal Services.

For all you marketers out there these are the industries I would be targeting for new clients.  There will be many start up businesses in these industries as well in need of website design and online marketing.  Being a San Diego Internet marketing company, we are in one of the best locations for clean tech companies and healthcare.  There is a lot of institutional money funding these companies large and small.  I would suggest reaching out to Venture Capital firms as well and seeing what their clients are in need of.

Another great area mentioned above is education.  Online education is growing like wild fire and educational institutions are spending big buck on online marketing!  These are interesting times and we all need to be creative when seeking new business opportunities.  Follow the money!

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