Where else will you advertise?

If you have $10,000 to spend on advertising your product – where would you think you would get the best ROI?  I am going to guess that 99/100 of you said the Internet.  Well – let’s think about it and break it down.  Why wouldn’t you advertise your product in the paper?  Because you will have a hard time tracking it?  How will you measure the spend?  How much of the $1000 will you spend on the advertisement – 30%, 40%?  Ok – so maybe you’d want to advertise in a magazine?  But don’t magazines come out weekly or monthly?  Again – how will you track the measurement of your ad?  If I had $1000, I would spend 100% of it online.  No question.  I would study what keywords to go after and I would then be able to judge and monitor Pay-per-click account effectively.  I would even perhaps buy banner advertisements on other sites that fit my demographic.  Why?  I can also track the hits and judge if I should continue to pay.  I would even perhaps contact an Internet marketing company and get their advice.  If the product is not competitive, maybe Search engine optimization would be a good fit.  The point I’m trying to get across here is that although many people still advertise in the paper and magazines and other print media – online really is the way to go.  The internet is infinite.  You should realize that and use it to your advantage.  An Internet marketing company can help you all aspects of this to increase your ROI.

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