When will Internet Marketing be Traditional?

When does a fad become a tradition in terms of advertising? I speak to real estate developers, brokers and marketing directors on a daily basis about their global media campaigns and I always hear about their “traditional” means of advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, newspapers, direct mail, magazines and e-blasting and some internet. However, with more and more media plans that my colleagues and I create, we’re seeing an influx in internet marketing campaigns such as eblasts, SEO, PPC, and banner ads on relative sites. In fact, we’ve created solely online media plans over a six month time span for some clients. Why? Well, this developer knew that the best way to reach his targeted market was through online channels…not through print. In my experience, the best way to market a product – any product for that matter – is through Search Engine Optimization and other forms of Internet marketing. But is this still a new fad of marketing? It seems that every ad has a website. If a product doesn’t have a website, you would become skeptical, wouldn’t you? I know I would. I am going to propose that in a few years, traditional media will be solely online. Many print publications these days are going out of business. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. When you’re doing a media campaign for any product – real estate, cars, phones, and etc, the best results will be driven through the online medium.

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