What Role Will Internet Marketing Play in 2009

The answer is obvious.  Online advertising and media placement will continue to grow immensely in 2009 as companies seek more cost effective ways to stretch their ad dollars.  Both consumers and advertisers are losing interest and confidence in traditional forms of media such as print advertising and direct mail.  Some interesting facts to note about the industry for 2009 are as follows:

  • Over 10 billion searches performed every month. Are our prospective clients there – most likely not.
  • Four out of five small business owners cite their websites as major contributors to the overall health of their business. –Inc.com
  • According to a report by ACNielson, 51% of small businesses surveyed indicated that the Internet has improved their profitability, and 58% said the medium has helped their businesses grow or expand.
  • A significant proportion of consumers consider email to be a replacement for telemarketing (49%) and direct mail to their home address (45%) – DoubleClick
  • 86% of marketers said email promotions drove the most business as far as promotional vehicles. –Shop.org
  • Online ads expected to generate $19 billion by 2009. – Jupiter Research
  • Ecommerce transactions to total $329 billion by 2010, which represents 13% of total US sales. – Forrester Research
  • Online advertising can boost brand impact at 60% less cost than piling on more offline ads. – Forrester Research

So how does an effective Internet marketing company help those seeking to capitalize on the opportunity?

The economic climate will most likely affect both consumers and advertisers.  The best way for Internet marketing companies to help others is first through education and then through proper consulting, strategy, and implementation.  A greater focus will be placed on investing in orgainc search engines optimization as fewer people have budgets to put towards PPC.  Keyword inflation may continue as more companies take their advertsing to the Internet.  However, through proper SEO, companies can reap the benefits of natural orgainc placements over time.  This will save money, foster greater online awareness, and hopefully more sales.

So what the focus be for 2009?

  • Organic optimization
  • A greater empahsis on analytics
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Improving ROI

What to watch out for when planning a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy?

  • Be aware of Google’s ever-changing algorithms (more emphasis on Universal/Personal Search)
  • User generated content
  • Rich media/video content
  • Social media optimization

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