What is the Importance of Web Directories?

Is it still worth the time (and sometimes money) submitting your site to web directories?  Does anyone use these anymore?  Submitting a new website to directories is often one of the first things an SEO company will do on your behalf.  Most people don’t really even understand what these directories are for.

Well, web directories have been around for a long time.  It is even how Yahoo! got started on the Internet before search engines became the driving force behind finding the content you needed online.  People used to use directories to find websites and there are many of them out there.  There are a few major players such as DMOZ, but there are many smallers ones as well.  Web directories do not offer extensive content from websites; usually just a link and possibly a short description provided by the web master submitting the site.  Web directories have actual people reviewing the sites and categorizing them within the directory archives.  The search engines trust the major directories because the sites in them have gone through a formal approval process.

Now how does this relate to site traffic?  It is true that sites generally no longer receive an overwhelming amount of direct traffic from directories, but guess what…it is huge for building your search engine optimization strategy.

When web directories accept your site and therefore link to you, it provides a great high-quality inbound links, therefore improving your link popularity.  Having powerful inbound links is what makes the difference between good results and top placements.

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