What CEO's need to learn about Internet Marketing

In today’s web 2.0 environment, it is essential that all CEO’s are educated on how Internet Marketing can help their business. I will actually be starting a webinar and speaking series to teach CEO’s some of the following information. Melani Gordon, our VP of Sales and Marketing will be our head speaker on these webinars

Proposed Topics

  1. Why Business Owners Can’t Afford NOT to Invest in Internet Marketing

i. Understand Internet Marketing Basics

ii. What should I budget toward online marketing?

iii. How do I choose an Internet marketing firm?

iv. What sort of people do I need to add to my team?

b. Top 5 Internet Marketing Strategies to Keep You Ahead of Your Competition

i. Search Engine Placement

ii. Pay Per Click Advertising

iii. Email Marketing

iv. Boosting Conversion Rates

v. E-metrics and Analytics

c. The New Rules of Online Marketing and PR

i. Social Media– What is it? Blogs, LinkedIn etc…

ii. How do I apply it to my business?

iii. New Web, New Tools, Net Opportunities

To learn more about when we will be starting to offer these webinars, please give us a call. InternetMarketingInc is an industry leading Internet Marketing Company and one of our goals is to educate CEO’s and why they need to understand and implement Internet Marketing Strategies for their business.


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