Well Rounded SEO – More Important Than Ever

Many people out there think SEO is just about getting to the first page of Google and simply entails putting keywords in meta tags.  Search engine optimization is an art and science with a huge learning curve for both client and professional SEO consultant.  Many times clients are confused why an SEO company is making design recommendations or suggesting copywriting changes.  Sometimes an SEO company will suggest a complete redevelopment of a site and will not touch it until that happens.  These are very difficult things for a client to hear, especially if they have a site that is visited frequently (which means they probably have a fairly high opinion of their site).

With the new emerging trends and search engine algorithms, SEO will not be just about rankings anymore (this being a common misconception).  It will be about the end results such as traffic and more importantly, conversions.  A conversion could be some kind of registration, a newsletter sign up, an online sale, etc.  Whatever your business goals are, your online marketing tools need to be a means to that end.

A truly well-rounded Internet marketing company will offer all of the important aspects of SEO which really does involve additonal strategy such as web design, development, information architecture, URL rewriting, and copy writing.  Depending on the site, there might be months of work needed to be done simply to prepare a site for proper search engine optimization.  As I mentioned above, sometimes a tough reality is faced by a client when they are told their website needs a complete overhaul before SEO can start.  In the long run though, only a healthy platform with good well-rounded SEO strategy applied will yield lasting results.

The goals behind SEO should no longer be focused simply on first page rankings for the top keywords associated with the campaign.  The business goals for the client need to be set first, then you can reverse engineer the Internet marketing strategy to support all those goals.  As Google rolls out personal and universal search functions, we all will start getting slightly different results for the same searches based on our own prefernces and user behavior.  That said, number one rankings will not matter as much as overall user experince, the value your site offers, and how it helps your business grow.  Getting rankings is only one small step towards true business development.

We have all run searches and clicked on some of the first page results only to find a less than appealing website with poor navigation and site architecture.  Nevertheless, the site is right there on page one.  Maybe some good SEO principles have been applied but maybe not.  However, the online consumer/user is continually becoming more sophisticated.  For a company to have a sub-par online rpresence will do then no good.  Businesses need a site that can not only be found, but that offers the best possible value in accordance with their business.  The site must also be design to transform traffic into fuel for reaching the business goals.  Obviously, if it is an e-commerce site, then it should sell products.  If it is an advertising site, then it should generate leads for the advertisers.  You get the idea.

All of the concepts mentioned above are part of a comprehensie well-rounded search engine optimization/Internet marketing campaign.  If you have a business in need of transforming your online presence, there is no better time to get started.  It doesn’t happen over night so invest the time and resources now!

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