Website Design- The Brandon Method

OK, I know there are thousands of website design companies and each company has their own methodology for building a website. I have been on the client side many times, and I have seen all kinds of ways to build up a website. I have created a method that is extremely simple, and we are putting it to use at Internet Marketing Inc.

1- Ask the clients for three industry websites whose designs and functionalities they like.

2- Ask the clients to write down things they like and don’t like about each site.

3- Ask the clients to list all the functionalities they want to see in their websites.

4- Prepare a technical specifications document and timeline for the client to review.

5- When drawing up the contract, make sure the client is responsible to respond to questions and deliverables in a timely manner. Sometimes a client can delay a project for weeks by taking four or five days to answer a simple question.

Make sure the first rollout is phase 1. All clients will decide they want extra things when the website is being built and when it is finished. There will usually have to be a phase 2.

If you are looking for a full scale Internet Marketing Company that understands how to build an SEO friendly website, you have come to the right place.


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