[WEBINAR VIDEO] What To Expect From SEO In 2014

In this Webinar, I compiled data from several different sources (listed at the bottom of this post). I also added my own insights and predictions about what brands and marketers can expect from SEO in 2014. During my research process I searched for “2014 SEO Predictions” and looked at the first 50 results. I reviewed all of these results and narrowed down the sources I wanted to use. The result was a list of 14 blog posts, 31 people contributing information, and a total of 48 overall SEO predictions for 2014.

This was the basic agenda of the webinar:

  • Don’t tell me SEO is dead
  • Predictions and Expectations
    • Other’s SEO Predictions and Our SEO Expectations
    • Search Engine Algorithm Forecast
    • Strategy Changes
    • Analysis of Data / Use of Tools
    • Industry Changes
  • Summary

Here is the full recorded version!



Summary: Top 15 SEO Predictions For 2014 (Plus 1 More!) 

#15 – Nothing Changes

#14 – Digital PR Improvement

#13 – Brand Search Dominance

#12 – Video Search

#11 – Google + Significance

#10 – Rich Data SERPs

#9 – Less Keyword Focus

#8 – Use of Big Data, Data Mining, and Multi-channel Attribution

#7 – Mobile Search & Mobile Design

#6 – Guest Post Penalties

#5 – Stronger collaboration with ALL Other Digital Strategies & Analytics

#4 – Content Marketing & Link Earning

#3 – Semantic Markup

#2 – Hummingbird & Natural Language

#1 – Building Authoritative Authors / Authorship / Author Rank

And…not on anyone else’s list of predictions….

Outreach Skills / Relationship Building:

For guest blogging, cross promotions, and even link removal requests…this will start to be a core skill of an SEO practitioner. Our expectation is that this will be another collaborative opportunity with social media and digital PR people who are often more in touch with relationship building best practices.

Here is a breakdown of these 16 predictions based on the number of times mentioned in our research:

seo predictions 2014


(Arranged Alphabetically)


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