[Webinar Series] Building a Global Center of Excellence

Internet Marketing Inc. and seoClarity joined forces to present a 3-part webinar series for individuals and companies looking to learn more about how to successfully roll out SEO campaigns for large enterprise businesses. The series promotes search marketing thought leadership through a real world case study. It covers why the right tools, training, talent, and teamwork are essential in order to take action, create acceptance among all stakeholders, and assure the right people are in the right position to be effective.

Internet Marketing Inc.’s digital marketing expert, Vice President of SEO, Benj Arriola, and seoClarity’s Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Mitul Gandhi, were the presenters of this educational series. They took a deeper dive into building a global team, training a global team, and driving action through a Global Center of Excellence.

Part 1: Ultimate SEO Analytics Tool: Scaling SEO Globally for Enterprise Businesses

This webinar focused on how Internet Marketing Inc., using the seoClarity platform, has delivered huge gains with enterprise businesses. WATCH VIDEO.

Part 2: Training a Global Team: Bridging the Gap between Multiple Stakeholders

This webinar concentrated on how to train a global team and provide the education and resources to all teams in different languages and countries so everyone is on the same page. When there are many moving parts and several stakeholders, it is important that the decision makers have a clear understand of SEO, the strategy, and the processes. WATCH VIDEO.

Part 3: Global Center of Excellence: Driving Action with Enterprise-Level Insights

This webinar took a deeper dive into building a global team and the strategy in using the right talent, in the right place, to efficiently roll out an SEO campaign.

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