We have a website?


Today, I would like to comment on a statement that simply blows my mind. On a daily basis our company talks to several hundred prospects for SEO. Many of these people that we speak with are marketing directors for large multi-million companies. When we explain that we are an internet marketing agency offering search engine optimization, the response that we hear the most is “Well, we have a website.” It is astonishing to me that there are still marketing directors for major companies that have no concept of Internet Marketing in general. This is not an industry specific response but this is actually a response we see from all industries every day.  Even in the other business I co-own, www.newcondosonline.com, we hear marketing directors say, “We have a website,” as if that is simply enough.

There is no reason to have a website at all if it is not easy to navigate, produces conversions, and most important, actually found on the Internet. I can’t tell you how many $50,000 real estate websites that I have seen that get less than 20 users to the site per month because people often care more about what their site looks like than who sees it and how it functions.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell every company out there to make sure that the person in charge of your marketing is well versed in Internet Marketing and understands the importance of SEO. SEO is only getting more competitive each day and the sooner companies start to care about this, the sooner their website will start producing results for them.

I never want to hear again, “We have a website,” as a response to our Internet Marketing sales pitch.

-Brandon Fishman

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