Want To Get On Board With Facebook For Business?

Facebook recently unleashed a powerful Facebook for business help guide. This allows business users to correctly set up a page to better market their business or organization. The how to guide explains how to create a page for a specific type of business, shows you how to publish ads or sponsored stories, and suggestsbuilt– in apps for mobile marketing. The page also provides links to help create pages, content, and apps. Now that is what we call a pretty summed up lesson of Facebook Marketing 101. In March, the social network site created a feature that converts personal profiles to business pages. Facebook has launched many features that attract the regular user, business owner and entrepreneur. It also benefits the not-so-internet savvy people to get a tutorial lesson on how to develop their business page.


Will this Facebook for business guide set back Google +?

Facebook’s next step of providing users guides to create business pages can maybe a sign of showing stronger competition to Google +. Recently released in June, Google + has only just focused on individual pages. Google is testing out ways for businesses to utilize it.

Bringing Facebook in on your online marketing strategy is a popular addition to your business’s marketing mix. Facebook’s for business guide should help you get started on a winning Facebook strategy. In this social media  generation, take advantage of building a business presence in the millions of users in the Facebook community. Do you think small businesses will benefit from creating a Facebook business page?

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