Wake Up CEO’s- Print is Dead

I do not understand why old school CEO’s are still wasting thousands of dollars on print advertising. Did you know some businesses spend between $30,000 and $100,000 just for one print ad page in the Wall Street Journal to run one week? This is insane. You can’t even track the success results or conversion factors from print advertising. CEO’s still do this because they like to see their company name in big papers and they think their target demographic actually reads newspapers. When was the last time you saw someone aged 21-35 actually reading a newspaper? I think it has been months. Everyone I know gets their information, advertising, and news online and in real time. If you want to grow your business, you need to advertise where your clients live online.

To start an internet marketing campaign, every business that is business to consumer based should start with organic search engine optimization. This is the core of any internet marketing campaign. CEO’s and marketing professionals then need to research where their target demographic lives online. What sites do they go to? What times of the day and week are they online? Where do they live? All this stuff is crucial for deciding which sites to advertise on and how to market your company.

There are also some great tools you can use to see if your site is properly optimized for SEO and follows all the search engine guidelines.  The SEO Ranker Tool by IMI is a great one http://internetmarketinginc.com/seo-report or companies like Hubspot have some great software as well.

I encourage all CEO’s to try to run an ROI report on their current print spend.  Take half your print budget and use it online and run the same ROI report.  I am convinced you will never run print again when you complete this task.


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