Audioo: Voicemails From Last Night. An IMI Social Media Success Story.

Here’s a great IMI client success story as we move past hump day and head into the weekend.  Audioo, a new voicemail sharing platform that launched at TechCrunch Disrupt last month, has come right out the gate with an extremely successful social media campaign. It’s a great story about how being controversial and polarizing will gain your attention.  In short, Audioo is a site that lets users publicly post their funny and entertaining voicemail messages – think of Audioo as “Text From Last Night for Voicemail”.

By choosing something that’s traditionally private (voicemail) and making it public, Audioo has gained many critics who are completely frightened by the idea of personal messages being outed on the internet. At the same time, they’ve been able to gain a lot of new users and traffic from social media exhibitionists (those who like to share content) who are not afraid to publish their entertaining content. On the other side of the fence, social media voyeurs (those who like to consume shared content) are flocking to the site as a new entertainment destination.  It seems that by taking the stance that privacy is not important anymore, Audioo has been able to attract the attention it needed to come out of the gate and attract voicemail uploaders and addicts – exactly the types of users that they need to turn the site into a viral entertainment success.

The site’s been covered on a few notable blogs in the tech community, including TechCrunch and Gizmodo (of Apple iPhone 4 leak fame). The company’s founder will be a guest on the popular web TV series This Week in Social Media with Sean Percival today at 11am PST.

Audioo (which is owned and operated by royalty free music and sound effects distributor AudioMicro) is an interesting phenomenon in that Audioo’s popularity is coming to light smack in the middle of all the Facebook privacy issues.  This leads us to wonder, is privacy dead?   Is anything we record electronically (email, text messages, voicemail, etc.) really private anymore?  Let’s take that one step further…wasn’t it the Tiger Woods voicemail that actually broke the story on his infidelity?  If it can happy to Tiger, is it really that surprising that voicemails you leave on other people’s phones could be publicly shared?  Please let us know your opinions in the comment.

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