[Video] Should You Be Using Pinterest For Content Marketing?

As you probably know, Pinterest is a social media site, taking photo sharing to a whole new level. It is described as the digital version of ripping out travel ideas, recipes, hairstyles, fashion ideas and beauty tips from a magazine and filing them away for future use. Except, this platform allows you to “pin” all your favorite online items to a specific digital pinning board. Pinterest encourages you to collect and categorize anything you find within Pinterest to look back at to spark inspiration or ideas. There is a wide range of board topics, and you can create a personal account or this platform for your business.

This social site gives businesses an opportunity to showcase their products or services for free, and is especially beneficial for companies that are more visually appealing including resorts, spas, salons, interior decorators, cooks (recipes) and clothing companies. Many companies are noticing the benefits of Pinterest and utilize this powerful tool to increase exposure and awareness. It is a great way drive more traffic to your website because all images link back to the original source.

If you are not currently on Pinterest and are wondering if this would be a beneficial platform for you to use to promote your products and services, know that the most popular Pinterest topics are wedding and events, recipes, fashion and beauty, interior decorating and travel. In the video, Benj Arriola, Vice President of SEO talks about adding content marketing pieces such as infographics to Pinterest to gain organic links back to your main domain page.

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