[TUTORIAL VIDEO] The Importance Of Image Names And Alternative Text For SEO

meta-tagsWe live in a world of camera phones, photo aps, visual social networks and image heavy websites. In many cases the images on the site are what sell the product or what attracts the attention of a user and ultimately gets them to visit your site.

It is important to optimize your images so they can be seen by search engines. This can be done by adding a description of the photo in “alternative text” or “alt txt.” Alternative text is the text search engines use to understand what an image is. Search engines are not able to actually read an image, but if alt txt is added to the image when it is uploaded to a website, search engines are able to read it.

First, pay attention to the keywords your images could rank for and name your image accordingly. Each image is displayed on a website by using an HTML tag or IMG tag. These tags have the ability to also include alternative text or an image description if someone chooses to add it.

The advantage of including alternative text to an HTML tag is that search engines can read the text and it enables the photo to rank for the keyword used.  It also allows people with text only browsers to see an actual image description rather than just the image name. For example, a company may have images of gift cards on their site, the image name might be “IMG500,” which doesn’t mean much to anyone. If the image was named “Birthday Gift Card” with the alt txt labeled the same, the search engines could rank this image for the keyword “Birthday Gift Card” and individuals with a text only browser would know there is a birthday gift card available. It helps in ranking if the name of the image is the same as the alt txt because it shows consistency and reliability.

The process of adding alternative text to each image is ideal for websites with products and services that are very visual. Benj Arriola, SEO Vice President at IMI recommends you make sure your images are labeled and alt txt descriptions are included if you want a well optimized website.

Watch the video tutorial to find out more!

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