[VIDEO TUTORIAL] The Importance Of Google+ And Authorship For SEO

Google+ Features and Strategy

Google+ is a social network that is constantly evolving and has combined unique functions that can benefit your businesses search engine optimization strategy. It gives companies the ability to create and manage brand pages, featuring your company website, business services, and capabilities.

This fairly new platform should be part of your social media efforts, not only because it is a free way to promote your business, but Google+ is powered by Google, the SEO benefits are irrefutable.

The Importance of Google Authorship

Google has created a tool called Google Authorship that allows content creators to connect their online work to their Google+ account. This new feature enables content authors to authenticate their work while promoting themselves and their business. Setting up a Google authorship can be incredibly beneficial for increasing online authority or “Author Ranking”, name awareness, and building engagement with your online audience.

As an author generates high quality and reliable content, their ‘Author Ranking’ grows and they are able to capitalize on their digital reputation. The more reputable an author, the higher their content will rank in the search engines. By setting up a Google+ profile and connecting your work through the Google Authorship function, your photo and byline will appear in the search result pages. Having the ability to show your photo next to your work will help facilitate more engagement with your audience because your article will look credible and trustworthy, which will lead to more clicks.

In the video above, Benj Arriola, IMI’s VP of SEO, talks about advantages of Google Authorship for blogs.

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