Video Optimization

With Google moving toward a universal search model , video optimization has become a must as part of your internet marketing campaign. This is just one more way to attract your target market and keep them coming back.  Similar to the content on your website you need the videos you add to be relevant to your website and give something back to the user.
Make the video for your users! No matter if you are selling products or services you can create videos that your viewers will want to see. Video sites are growing tremendously Yahoo video has grown over 400% and Youtube is still growing at about 160% a year. This is a great time to get your videos in front of your target market.
Here are a couple of tips for your video optimization:
1.    Make sure that your video is relevant! If you want people to keep on coming back to your website you have to give them what they want … useful information.  If your company is selling software don’t teach people how to cook a casserole. Tell them about all the different uses for the software and add how to videos that teach the viewer. These are great and will keep them coming back for more.

2.    Viral Video Marketing – Expose yourself:  we have all heard of viral marketing and the great effects it has. So don’t keep your videos to yourself! This social media aspect gets people talking about them, share your video with the world. Upload your video to sites like Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, AOL Video etc. A few tips when uploading your video to different websites:

  • Make sure the video links back to your website.
  • Tag it! Always include keywords in the title and description of the video you are pushing out to video sites.
  • Let people use you! Seriously, give people the option to embed your video on blogs, forums and websites by giving them the embed code.
  • Power to the people: let people rank your video. Search engines pay attention to this when ranking your videos.

3.    Attract attention to your video; make it stand out on the page! Make sure to include information about the video in the title. A great idea is to incorporate keywords into the title of the video. Make sure that the video that you are embedding is relevant to the page its on. Make sure your metadata for the page is relevant to the video.

4.    Keep it short and Concise. Don’t bore your viewers, keep your video short and sweet while still keeping it entertaining and informative. I would suggest a 5 minute max.

5.    Include a brief intro with your logo and make sure each and every video has this 2-3 second intro to build brand loyalty.

6.    Create a video sitemap: this makes it easier for search engines to find and identify your videos.  Make sure to put your keywords in the video anchor text.


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