Video Marketing Tips, Trends & Strategy to Move the Needle

Welcome to the “Press Play” generation. Now, more than ever, online video content will move the needle for a brand. Are you instilling emotions of hope, hilarity, persuasive passion or just your average dose of mid-day amusement into your brand’s messaging? You better be. (It’s science: watching puppy videos make us more productive. Tell your bosses. Thank us later.)

How Do You Create Video Content That Moves the Needle?

First, look at the story that you want to tell. Either you’re telling your audience something new or something about their past still holds true today. This is the ever-powerful “legacy” concept. Align your online video marketing campaign with your unique selling point, but refrain from over-saturating the content with self-congratulatory praise. No amount of “We’re the best!” is going to bring in view completions if your audience doesn’t care. (Note: Kanye West is the exception to this rule.)

Video Lets An Imagination Run Wild.

Cirque du Soleil connected with Internet Marketing Inc. to bring a fresh appeal to ARIA Resort & Casino’s best entertainment attraction, Zarkana. IMI envisioned a technologically-advanced approach to bring Cirque’s acrobatic feats to light. The aim was to feature the raw talent of the Zarkana performers and highlight the impressive data of how they contest physics every night. Check out a few of the online videos here:

A visionary world where art meets science. Experience. Learn. Repeat.Learn more.

IMI and the Cirque team also partnered to unveil The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage. LOVE has performed more than 1,000 shows in its 9 years of award-winning entertainment. To revive LOVE’s image, GoPros, Red Epic HD Cameras and drones were set up to capture the never-before-seen vantage points of the show’s staple pieces allowing viewers to see through the eyes of a flying professional bungee acrobat or witness the simplistic beauty of a trained athlete whip through the spotlight during “Come Together.” While the visual mastery of this performance is already revered, IMI and Cirque du Soleil refreshed the lens to speak to their virtual audience. The outcome? Four separate acts displayed in an energizing video series that has gained over 80,000 views on Facebook. When you have visual content as stunning as a LOVE show, all you need is a little more love…and help from a drone.

PRO TIP: Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and create videos that you would click on scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. Trust your instincts and be flexible after receiving feedback from your team and, more importantly, your audience. The first few seconds of a video is what makes-or-breaks it, and retaining views beyond those 3 initial seconds is an honor for any brand.

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