Why Video Marketing Is Here to Stay

video marketingBig blocks of text may inform a reader but quality videos can entertain, captivate, and keep virtually anyone from wanting to leave your site

Google buys YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billionTwitter buys Vine in 2012 for $970 million... Facebook buys Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock…

If there is one rising star in the marketing world these days, it is video. Google, Twitter, and Facebook, three powerhouses in the social media world, have committed serious money and time to video-biased platforms, as they enable users to generate videos clips through an easy-to-use and highly effective interface.

Marketers and content generators everywhere understand that video marketing is here to stay. Why? It represents a powerful way to create fully-formed sites that can educate and entertain, all at the same time.

How Technology Pushes the Need for Better Video Marketing

Technology moves pretty quickly, and there is no better example of this than the digital age. Smartphones and tablets are used to generate, edit, display, and share original content. This is a great vertical for marketers to effectively boost their content and improve visibility.

Here’s a crazy statistic: Over 1 billion people log in to Facebook every day from a mobile device and check their newsfeeds.

What do you think stands out better for these users: a click-bait headline providing little to no value in its article or a short, compelling video easily shareable?

Videos capture attention.

Quality has also led to the proliferation of video in marketing today. Mobile device technology has improved so much over the years that screens are now displaying videos in resolutions that were unheard of in home televisions just a few years ago.

You can capture the audience’s attention quickly and easily by creating a dynamic and appealing splash screen with quick-loading video versus compiling block upon block of text.

How to Incorporate Video Marketing Into Your Promotional Plan

Just like you should be using a content calendar to manage blogs, eBooks, press releases, and more, you must create a publishing schedule that allows you to see the whole picture related to your marketing campaign.

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Think of your video releases as building blocks that, when fully released on the market, create a cohesive message that supports your other marketing and advertising activities.

Focus on Types of Videos

Working videos into your marketing plan is important, but the types of videos you use will largely determine the amount of time spent on your site, or the number of shares of your original content.

Vine keeps videos to six seconds. Instagram videos max out at 60 seconds. Then there’s YouTube, a place where you can pretty much post whatever you want at the length you want. You’ll want to use one or more of these powerful mediums. Today’s mobile devices are best able to display content using these popular marketing vehicles.

Upload Tutorials or How-To Reference Guides

Another key way to market your business or organization using video is to create a series of tutorials or how-to reference guides. DIY-ers love learning new things. Since many of us are visual learners who would prefer to learn how to assemble a bookcase via a video, not a text-based, step-by-step guide.

Some of the most highly-trafficked sites today are those that display lots of content that have headlines that start with: “10 ways to…” “How to fix…” “Step-by-step DIY plan for…”

Reap the Benefits of UGC

Videos are also the ideal medium for curating as much user-generated content as possible. Allow your customers to create videos that demonstrate their passion for your product, and you will sway the opinions of your target market in an authentic and genuine manner.

The world at large places greater trust in the opinions and reviews of their peers than they do in the slickly-crafted pieces of marketing that are built by corporations.

Companies like Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Red Bull, and Walmart all aggressively use videos to deliver content as diverse as product tutorials, recipes, extreme videos, and company branding tips.

We’ll hammer it home again. Video marketing is here to stay. Ensure that you maximize your company’s potential within your given field by focusing on creating high-quality, relevant content that can educate and inspire viewers. Video by video, you’ll create a library of engaging content that will keep the spotlight on your brand.

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