[VIDEO] IMI On Inc.com: Pitch Yourself, Not Your Business

Co-founders of Internet Marketing Inc., Brent Gleeson and Brandon Fishman give us some insight on how they nurtured the right relationships and connected with the right investors to grow their business. Brent and Brandon look at fundraising a little differently. They found success raising money by aligning themselves with key investors that believed in them as individuals and spent less time pitching their business.

“Investors are often not as interested in the business as they are in the people behind the business. If investors are confident that you will not fail then they know their money is safe.” – Brandon Fishman

As young entrepreneurs Brent and Brandon were looking for different ways to raise money and learned quickly that not everyone they encountered had the company’s best interest in mind. After learning they needed to navigate through the useless advice, they met people and built networks that created an environment for success.

“It is all about finding the right opportunities with the right people.” – Brent Gleeson

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