[VIDEO] IMI On Inc.com: Own It – Leaders Have To Take Responsibility

As business owners and leaders, Brent Gleeson and Brandon Fishman celebrate the joys of success as well as take full responsibility for the failures. They understand that good leadership is essential to the success of any team and most importantly they take wins and failures as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Great leaders set a good example for their employees and lead through inspiration, influence and encouragement.  Building a team of talented individuals only goes so far if you don’t have strong leadership. Brent and Brandon have created a work environment that provides their employees with the right amount of challenge and motivation to get them excited about coming to work every day. This is because of their leadership and attitude toward their business. They celebrate when things go well and they take any failure as a learning experience and a chance to teach their team.

As leaders and influencers, Brent and Brandon talk about when things go wrong, how important it is to take responsibility.

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