[VIDEO] IMI On Inc.com: Conflict Can Be The Result Of Poor Communication

inc-logoCommunication is one of the leading factors in the success or demise of an organization or relationship. Brent Gleeson, the Co-founder and CMO at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI), explains that communication has to be transparent, regular and consistent in order to maintain great working relationships. It takes effort to maintain solid communication and it is important to sit down, reengage and be upfront and honest. It is just as important to put in the effort to maintain solid communication at work as it is at home. Sometimes the smallest misunderstanding can turn into an argument and it could have been avoided if the two people involved would have sat down and hashed things out. More often than not, a problem is often just a breakdown in communication.

Check out Brent Gleeson’s video clip from IMI’s video series featured on Inc.com

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