[Video] 5 Ways To Improve Your PPC Ad Copy & CTRs

Ad copy is the term used when talking about the words or text within an online advertisement. Online ads can be displayed in a few ways. The most common way to see ad copy is at the top of a search engine results page, typically the second or third line that shows up after you have searched for something. Also known as pay-per-click ads. The words a person uses to search for something within Google are called “keywords.” Advertisers need to understand what their product or services keywords are so they can optimize their ad copy and website to include those keywords. For example, if you owned XYZ shoe store in San Diego, some of your keywords might be: woman’s shoes, men’s shoes, comfortable shoes, running shoes, XYZ Shoe Store, San Diego Shoe Stores, etc.  If you were going to purchase an ad within Google, your ad copy might say, “Find the most comfortable shoes in San Diego at XYZ Shoe Store” or “Find the best selection of woman’s shoes at XYZ Shoe Store.” Notice, 2-3 keywords were used in the ad copy.

May times advertisers have one opportunity to catch a visitor’s attention, so it is critical ad copy is compelling, informative, relevant, and credible. When we talk about credible ads we are referring to what the ad copy says and if it relates to where the link takes the user. If your online ad says “Enjoy the tastiest BBQ at ABC Restaurant,” an advertiser wouldn’t want the link to take them to a blog about healthy snacks. Ads need to be compelling, if advertisers don’t create ad copy that catches someone’s attention, then why pay for it to be there. If you saw two ads and one of those ads said, “XYZ has nice things” and the other ad said “Get A Free Sample of Miracle Cream,” you would probably click on the second link. Right?  Ad copy needs to entice the user, but also provide some more details about what the user can expect to see when they click on the link. The more clicks your ad copy gets, the higher your click through rate (CTR) will be and the more sales you will receive.

In the video, Justin Mayerick, SEM Director explains how ad copy is used, why ad extensions are important and 5 key elements to consider when writing your ad copy for your PPC advertising campaigns.

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