is Up and Ready for Use, a video uploading service, has the ability to provide for all your video needs. The site has recently been revamped and is ready for the general public. Any video can be uploaded with your free account and makes that video available on any browser, application, or device. This means your video can be seen by anyone whether they’re on an iPad, Google Chrome, or a Blackberry. has recently become more popular with browsers and devices, as seen on’s website:


According to data collected by, the iPhone uses for about 62% of its video use while Blackberry and Android also use at a significant percentage.  Though the iPad does not use as much, there’s a strong chance that as’s popularity grows, more Mac products will adopt this method of video use.

According to Christophor Rick’s blog, has also reported various browsers’ usage of their service. Firefox uses it 50% of the time while Chrome and Internet Explorer use it 20% of the time. This is good news for and as their service becomes more popular, chances are these numbers will increase as well.

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