Value of Beauty Subscription Boxes for Both Brand and Consumer

beauty products with value of beauty subscription boxes textThere is nothing quite like the excitement of opening a present on Christmas morning, and with the holidays right around the corner, it can benefit both brand and consumer to deliver recurring joy throughout the year with a beauty subscription box. Subscription boxes of any kind can help increase brand visibility, revenue and market penetration, and tangible benefits for the consumer.

Brand Perspective and Benefits

Visibility. Beauty subscription boxes like FabFitFun, Box of Style (the Zoe Report), EBY, Birchbox, Ipsy, and Dollar Shave Club deliver year-round visibility for the perspective brand. Most subscription services deliver on a once-a-month basis, which is a surefire way to put the business’s name, logo, and product in front of the consumer at least every 30 days.

Flexibility. With a monthly delivery on the calendar, brands can market to customers via the packaging or in an enclosed newsletter or flyer and consistent, relevant messaging. This offers incredible flexibility and allows brands to pivot easily when subscription box marketing situations dictate. Companies like Dollar Shave Club make it easy for customers to retain a sense of flexibility and control by allowing customers to easily pause their membership and restart when the time is right.

Easy Upsells. Dollar Shave Club sells a basic razor handle and 4 replacement blades per month for about $2. A nicer razor will run $7 a month, while the top of the line offering goes for about $10. While the jump from $2 to $7 might seem huge, it pales in comparison to other monthly bills customers are used to paying. $7 for a product that is used virtually every day doesn’t hold as much sticker shock when we’re all paying triple-digits for our cell phone bills.

Consumer Perspective and Benefits

Convenience Factor. Birchbox beauty subscription boxes allow makeup aficionados to sample numerous skincare, cosmetic, perfume, and wellness items each month, in small sample sizes, before spending and investing money on full-size products. This helps consumers to save money and minimize buyer’s remorse when testing out new brands and products. Ipsy offers a similar program. For $10 a month, the consumer receives a makeup bag filled with five cosmetic samples. All without leaving the house.

It’s Fun. There is nothing fun about opening the mailbox and staring down a stack of bills, but seeing a subscription box on the doorstep or the Birchbox package among the day’s mailed items adds a sense of excitement and fun that is undeniable. That “Christmas morning” feeling occurs every month, and the fact that you might not know exactly what you’re receiving only adds to the holiday spirit.

It Promotes Connections. Gifting a monthly beauty subscription box allows the giver to remain somewhat connected to the recipient. Imagine the fun of seeing your gift in action on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You’ll feel as if you’re right there with the lucky individual as they open their monthly surprise and flaunt their exciting new style accessories.

Monthly beauty subscription boxes can add tremendous value to both the brand and the consumer. Expand your business today by leveraging the power of a recurring gift option on your menu of offerings.

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