How to Vacation Where You Live: Las Vegas

how to vacation where you live las vegasA fulfilling staycation might be just what you need – and easier than ever, if you live in Vegas

You’ve likely heard the term “staycation” being thrown around a time or two. If you live in Las Vegas, you can create an incredibly memorable staycation agenda without ever having the leave the city limits.

Keep in mind that scheduling a vacation right at home during off-peak travel times is a great way to save money and beat the crowds. Here are some of the ways to have fun and relax during your upcoming Las Vegas staycation.

Get a Room

Even if you live just twenty minutes from the center of town, reserve a hotel room at a resort that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another corner of the world. Rooms at ARIA, for instance, are luxurious, relaxing, and best of all, make you feel like you’ve escaped the real world for a little while.

Learn to Unplug

While it may seem difficult at first, you’ll feel like you’re actually on vacation when you leave your smartphone in your room. Resist the temptation to check emails and avoid unnecessary connections with your home or office. They’ll be there when you get back. It isn’t until we actively disengage from constant screen time that we can truly allow our minds to relax.

While you’re at it, why not spend some time in the pool at one of Vegas’ well-known resorts? This will virtually eliminate screen time – at least while you’re lounging in the refreshing waters. The rooftop pool at the Plaza is a great place to keep tabs on all of the excitement of Fremont Street, while also enjoying all of the poolside offerings – such as Lily Pad daybeds, food and beverage options, table games, and more.

Explore the City

Las Vegas offers an eclectic mix of things to do. There will always be opportunities for gambling and gaming, but locals often find the hidden treasures in the city and the surrounding areas are a much bigger draw than the casino floors themselves.Take a stroll over to the Atomic Testing Museum for an up close look at the state’s nuclear weapons history (755 E Flamingo Road, Las Vegas). Or, cruise downtown and immerse yourself in the world of organized crime with a visit to the Mob Museum, where you’ll learn about the mob’s involvement with Sin City’s rise to fame (300 Stewart Avenue, Las Vegas). The Imperial Palace Auto Collection is a must-see, as it contains about 200 rare and unique cars at a time (out of an assortment of 750 that are always for sale) that range from Hitler’s Mercedes to JFK’s Lincoln (Imperial Palace Hotel). Take the time during your staycation to visit these incredible exhibits. You won’t be disappointed.

Get Outside

Though most of us conjure images of neon lights and vibrant shows when contemplating a vacation to Las Vegas, most locals are also familiar with the other side of the region. Namely, the abundant natural areas that are fun to explore and sometimes only minutes away from the city. Take a boat out for an afternoon on Lake Mead, scramble up Mount Charleston, cruise through Red Rock Canyon, visit the Valley of Fire, or simply relax under the shade of a tree in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.

Death Valley is only a two-hour drive away from the Strip, and Zion National Park is two and a half hours by car. If you’re willing to commit to a four-hour (each way) car ride, Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Canyon are absolutely awe-inspiring.

This year, consider how many unique and exciting things you can do to create memorable time away from work, all while staying close to home. From staying in a luxurious suite and enjoying a fantastic meal, to visiting one of Las Vegas’ many museums and historical sites, you’ll find that a Las Vegas staycation just might be an annual tradition going forward!



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