Using Your Brain on Twitter by Twinking

The next evolution of has occurred this month as University of Wisconsin-Madison biomedical engineering doctoral student, Adam Wilson, posted a Twitter status update just by thinking about it.


This application would be useful by those suffering ALS, spinal cord injuries, or brain-stem strokes who are unable to communicate verbally or by typing.

The interface as it stands now registers brain activity when viewing a keyboard displayed on the screen.

The process is similar to early phone texting as the system redundantly confirms via your brain signals which letter you absolutely want inputted on the screen, thus taking quite a while for a message to complete.

Adam told the Wisconsin Technology Network that he has seen people accomplish up to 8 characters a minute, thus a 140 character Twitter tweet by twinking would take over 15 minutes to complete.

Research scientist Gerwin Schalk states, “This is one of the first – and perhaps most useful – integrations of brain-computer interface techniques with Internet technologies to date.”

So now people can really know what you are tWinking.

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