Using Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager

If you have tried to use Bing Ads conversion tracking code within Google Tag Manager you may have noticed that your conversion information is not working properly, if at all. Unfortunately, the Adcenter conversion tracking code does not trigger any errors within Tag Manager (like other document.write based tags do), and while it appears to work, the data simply is not flowing to Bing.

Solution to the Bing Ads and Tag Manager Code not working problem

There is a solution, which requires a slight modification to the code provided by Bing. I have created a utility which makes this adjustment easy to complete and has been tested with Google Tag Manager and Bing Ads accounts. Simple input the code provided for conversion tracking from your Bing Ads account, provide the Macro you are using within Google Tag Manager for your transaction total (revenue) and hit submit. The Output code will be adjusted to work properly within your Tag Manager setup using the custom HTML tag type. If you do not have a revenue macro, you can use an integer value instead.

Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Code Utility for Google Tag Manager



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