Usability 101

When you are designing redesigning a website there are several things you want to keep in mind. With all of the technology and studies we have about website design there is a lot to think about when creating a conversion optimized website. What draws people’s attention on a website? What makes people more likely to convert? What makes them turn away? What gives the user a sense of assurance while purchasing? These are all things you have to think about with your website design. With all of the information we have it is not longer acceptable to just make a “pretty” design. Here are a few tips about creating a great website design that converts to sales/leads.

  • Stick out what you’re about – User that come to your website are looking for both text and images but the first thing that captures their attention is text. The user wants to know what your website is about. So have your tagline above the fold and in bold.
  • Start at the Upper Left  – The first thing that we look at when we navigate to a website is the upper left hand corner. This is an important factor when building a website so keep the users eye pattern in mind and build your website from upper left out.
  • Follow the F – It is widely known that people visiting a website always seem to look at the upper left hand corner first. What happens after that? After much research the F pattern seems to be the way we search.  Starting at the top of the website then down content or to the next topic that interest us then down again. Many people will not stop to read every single bit of information you have on your website but it is more likely for them to read information near the top of the page.
  • Make your Sub headings relevant – It might seem superficial to say but looking at several websites I feel that many don’t get this. If you want people to keep on reading down the page. Keep the headings relevant  and exciting, make the user want to read more. The user will only keep on reading if they
  • To Banner or not – Today there are many websites that are full of banners – some that rely on banners to make a profit. The truth is that not many people are focusing on banners. They ignore them to get all of the pertinent information they want form your website. So designers need to get more creative about where banners are placed and how they look. Do not leave the Whole left side of your website to banners. You are only losing great real estate for yourself and the users trust. So use that space and add in small banners in between videos, images and content that are relevant to the information on the page.
  • Keep it Simple and Clean – Cut out all of the elaborate fonts and colors. Keep it to a specific number of colors and fonts on your website. To attract attention to headers use bold, underline, and larger fonts and keep the script fonts off your website. If there are too many large different fonts and a variety of colored letters people tend to see this as ads.
  • Use numbers not letters – if you are going to insert the actual number like 7 or 190. Most of the visitors you get to your website are just scanning the content and will stop when they see something they are looking for.
  • There are many many more things to learn about the users experience and what we can do while building your website  to make is easier for the visitor to use and to increase conversions.

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