Understanding Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

With courtesy to Online MBA, internet marketing companies everywhere should take note and analyze the infographic below in order to better understand where we stand now in terms of social media and which platforms offer the greatest opportunity. Did you know that over 66% of all adult online users are connected to one or more social media platforms? Internet marketers should be taking advantage of the most popular social media sites by using them as a channel to find and reach the most targeted audience. By gaining better insight as to who exactly is using these platforms, we can decipher which sites will be most effective at reaching our target audience through use of advertising campaigns.

The infographic below breaks down users of the most popular social media sites based on gender, age, education, and household income. Facebook being the leader of social media, comes in with 845 million active users; most of which possessing some college education and a household income of $50,000-$99,999. This platform would be useful to use if you have a product/service that is somewhat costly and appeals to the older, intelligent generation. Twitter, with 127 million active users, obtains most of their tweeters from a mobile device; therefore make sure your website is mobile friendly. Google+ is definitely a platform mostly used by the college grad (age 0-24), predominately male figures who are single and looking for friends. If you have a product/service surfaced around online dating, Google+ would be a good place to advertise. It is also noted at the end of the infographic that most Americans use social media sites to stay in touch with friends. Although web marketing companies like to use the sites as a gateway into our targeted audience, remember too much promotional content could backfire.

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
Via: Online MBA Resource

The infographic provides lots of good insights as to who the most typical user of the social media platform is and why they are using it. Let us know what you think and how you will be utilizing such networking sites.


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