Twitter Tweets Targeted Treats Today

Did you use Twitter on your phone this morning and notice anything different? A tweet from Twitter’s advertising blog made an announcement that they have begun testing Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts across all Android and iOS mobile social media devices. Word of the “internet marketing on the go” announcement came earlier last month and actually started today. Twitter is allowing brands to pass social media marketing to mobile users through the use of similar interests within their existing followers.

Twitter users are informed that as they scroll through their Twitter timelines, Promoted Tweets will flow in sporadically as you slide down through the feed. Facebook has also taken a similar route and started integrating ads & banners into the mobile Facebook app. However both Twitter & Facebook have taken a backseat to Google’s Android market where as much as $4 billion in mobile advertising revenue is expected to be generated.

Another aspect being implemented is new targeting options that allow advertisers to subject their campaigns to specifically focus on mobile or desktop/laptop computers. The benefit of this new mobile device targeting allows brands to cross platforms and advertise their message to a specific type of mobile user. An example of this comes in the form of apps & mobile games. Internet Marketing Companies can now tailor their ads to consumers with certain app uses and games played.

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