Twitter Partners With Top Russian Search Engine, Yandex

Twitter recently slammed Google for allowing the Google+ results to show up in the search engines through its “Search Plus Your World” update. Recently, Twitter partnered with Google’s Russian rival Yandex to make tweets available on the search engine almost instantaneously. One of the main concerns for Twitter is that news breaks first on Twitter, and with Google’s new update, this information will be harder to find.

Google +1 And Social Search

A common misconception is that Google’s +1 button functions just like a Facebook “Like” button. This is not true. The +1 button allows you to like pages on the Google SERP, websites and advertisements. Since Google’s new update, the more +1s a site gets, it is possible that it will show up higher in search results. This is where the controversy is escalating. This has an indirect effect on Internet marketers and social search. When somebody +1s a page, it merely validates the page so that when other Google+ users search for the same thing, it will let you know that one of your friends has searched the same thing. This still gives Google the upper hand in search results.

What’s The Difference?

Yandex users will be able to search hash tags and usernames, which contrasts Google because it does not index the “@” symbol. Yandex’s Blog Search Manager Anton Pavlov notes that this is important because people are always sharing information in real time and this information will be more readily available as a result of this new partnership.

Do you think that Google’s +1 button should be given a higher authority in search results?

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