Twitter Announces New Integration of Content on Facebook

Facebook and Twitter users rejoice; sharing news with others just got a whole lot easier. It was recently announced that Twitter has been working on ways to integrate the two social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, so user’s content is smoothly integrated on the two websites. Top marketing firms have who have already started using this new feature are noticing great success.

This project has now been implemented as of earlier this week. The new updates feature rich media experiences related to the URL, @mention or #hashtag, and first photo in the dually posted tweet.

These new updates are available to all users with Twitter and Facebook accounts. For those who do not see the new integration working with their accounts, activating it is very simple. One must disconnect their Twitter and Facebook accounts within their Twitter profile settings and then reconnect their accounts in their Twitter profile settings. Doing this should automatically trigger the update and allow content to be posted on both sites.

Harnessing these new updates to implement online marketing campaigns can lead to great success for any businesses using social media to gain leverage with their advertising campaigns. With these new renovations to the content sharing features on Twitter and Facebook companies taking advantage of  social media marketing packages can broaden their reach with minimal additional effort.

Since Twitter will now automatically share on Facebook, spreading news on the two platforms is a much more simplified process. This update allows users to switch from viewing a tweet posted on Facebook to simply click on the rich link generated on Facebook and access other topics and join the conversation via Twitter.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how this new feature affects Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media platforms. Will this integration inspire others to join forces as well?

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