Tweet, Tweet!

So I finally bit the bullet and joined the Twitter revolution. I had been hearing so much about this service so I had to try it out myself. I have had Myspace, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts for a long time and our company offers social viral marketing services, but Twitter was new for me. It basically allows me to see what the people in my network are doing throughout their day and it allows these people to see what I am doing if I post my status. It has some interesting tools where if I write a blog to the Internet Marketing Inc. page, anyone following me on Twitter will be alerted to see my blog post. I can see how it is an effective networking and social tool. For me, I don’t think I will be going on more than once a day to update my status, but many people update their status 5 or 10 times per day. I am only following a few people so I suspect it gets pretty intense when I begin to follow hundreds of people. It is almost like online stalking, hahahaha.

Anyway, Twitter was just valued at over $1 billion by an investment firm so they must be doing something right. Please visit for more information on our social viral marketing services such as optimizing your presence on Twitter.  We offer many Internet Marketing Services and we can help you get out there and be seen on the Internet.

-Brandon Fishman

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