[TUTORIAL VIDEO] Proper Goal Setting For Powerful PPC Campaigns

Defining your goals and forming specific benchmarks is essential to a successful pay per click campaign. It is a critical process for determining if your PPC investment is working for you. The goals will be used to refine your strategy and give insight that will help improve overall performance.


When defining goals you will first need to consider what results you want from a visitor. Your goals should be focused on results and not on the tactics to achieve those results. For example, a result may be to increase conversions by 5% and lower cost per lead by 10%. Some other common goals include time one site and page views. Once you have determined your goal you can figure out what tactic you should use to achieve those results.

It is recommended to set short term and long term goals that are clear and quantifiable. Your short term goals are benchmarks that could be measured weekly, monthly or quarterly and will help you to stay on track to meet your long term goals. All goals should be realistic and attainable but still challenging enough to push your team and allow them to strive for more.

As you monitor the behavior of visitors in different keywords you will gain a better understanding of how to measure and improve performance. Goals need to remain flexible for changes in the season, industry or services offered. Your goals should reflect the mindset of increased monthly improvement. Analyzing prior year performance can help define your goals for the future.

It is also imperative you figure out why the goal was or was not achieved to better understand what future goals should be and to make sure they improve next time.  The only way to establish realistic goals is by knowing your company, your capabilities and by expecting some time for some trial and error. Having experience running PPC campaigns and keeping track of prior year successes and failures will give you the data needed to create realistic goals.

In the video Justin Mayerick gives you more insight into the importance of goal setting.

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