[TUTORIAL VIDEO] Great Content + Social Sharing = More Backlinks


Why Content Is King

Search engines are looking for reliable content sources and trustworthy information that they can display in their search results. The more dependable a search engine site is for the user the more likely the user will rely on that search engine and look to it as their go-to for trustworthy content. Search engines want to make sure they present the most relavent information for searched keywords so users look to them as the authority for providing the best results.

The goal of search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) is to crawl websites, blogs, articles, press releases, infographics, videos (all online content) and figure out what information is most relevant for different search words or phrases. Always trying to display the most reliable sources.

How Do Search Engines Figure Out What Content Is Reliable

The major search engines interpret content significance as popularity. The more a website or content source is viewed or search for, the more valuable the information must be. Popularity and relevance are determined by a complex algorithm that sorts and ranks information in order of importance. Another way search engines determine reliable content is by the number of links coming back to the site (backlinks). Incorporating a back linking strategy to a content marketing plan is essential for search engine optimization. The more links on other websites that direct back to your site will show your site as a relevant source for reliable information.

Links are like votes of credibility, authority and trust, so the more people linking to your website the better it performs in search engine rankings. You need to make sure the links are quality links, from relevant sources. This video talks about the best way to gain links. In the video above, Benj Arriola, VP of SEO at IMI explains why natural links are important for SEO and that it isn’t all about the quantity of links but it is more about the quality of the link. Any signs of artificial links could hurt your chances to get good rankings in the search engine results.

Social Sharing As It Relates To Your Backlink Strategy  

Businesses can position themselves as the authority and expert in their industry by creating compelling, informative, interesting, and entertaining content that grabs people’s attention. Sharing this content on social channels not only gets the information out to more people, it also creates backlinking opportunities. For example, if you feature an entertaining video on your company blog and promote it through your social channels, your friends have the opportunity to share it with their Facebook fans or Twitter followers. This means your video gets viewed by even more networks of people. Someone that saw your video may reference your blog/video link on one of their blog articles or on their website which would create a link from their site to yours.

People are more likely to link back to your site if the content is engaging and share worthy. A great way to become a reputable source for quality content and increase backlinks is to build relationships with other reputable bloggers and business owners and get them interested in sharing your content.

Benj Arriola talks about social bookmarking and the importance of social sharing and the impact they have on your search engine ranking.

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