Turn to Automated Product Videos to Enhance SEO Rankings

It’s no surprise that Google has made lots of changes to its algorithm lately. But what can be a surprise is how each change may have impacted your natural search rankings. I have conversations every day with customers that are in a near panic, because all the time and investment they’ve put into SEO has gone out the window and their search rankings have dropped dramatically. I’ll tell you what I tell them – the answer is video.

Even as Google continues to make tweaks, video continues to help companies get better rankings. This shouldn’t be earth-shattering news. For one thing, Google owns YouTube, so it makes sense that they give video more weight. But it’s not enough to just have video on your site. It has to be relevant, it has to be engaging, and it has to be indexed. The answer to all of this lies in automated videos.

Relevance. Like your product choices and all the content on your site, your videos need to be relevant to your audience and what they’re seeking. One way to ensure relevance is by including appropriate videos on each product page. If you’ve done your homework and labeled your videos correctly, you can easily serve up video that answers a consumer’s needs. A solution like Treepodia – that automatically creates videos from your product data feed – is a great way to do this. Not only are videos relevant, you can actually have thousands of them on your site in a few days.

Engaging. Video is undoubtedly the best way to engage shoppers and keep them on your site longer. In fact, time spent viewing is another measurement weighed by Google as it determines how to serve up search results. When tested side-by-side with full-production videos, Treepodia videos are often viewed in their entirety and result in more conversions than other videos, so their ability to engage customers is high.

Ensure They’re Indexed. To make sure your videos are indexed by Google (and other search engines), a video sitemap must be submitted manually via Google’s webmaster tools or through a third-party service. After that, Google indexes video content almost instantly (unlike other content, which can take several days), and it will quickly begin to rise in search rankings. And since thumbnail images appear with video listings, your results are more likely to get clicked. Treepodia offers a Dynamic Video Sitemap, which makes the process of submitting your videos to be indexed painless and instantaneous, with no work on your part.

If you want more information about how to put video to work today to help your Search Engine Optimization efforts, while also boosting sales on your site, feel free to drop me a line at melodyk@treepodia.com.

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