TrueView Video Ads

Do you have branding videos and are you looking for an advertising solution that will effectively and efficiently distribute these videos without breaking the bank? YouTube TrueView ads are your answer.

True_ViewTrueView ads are in-stream video ads that appear before the YouTube content a user chooses to watch. What makes TrueView so unique and cost efficient is that viewers have the option to skip your video within the first 5 seconds. If they skip your video or drop off before 30 seconds of your video has played, you are not charged a cent! You are charged only when a user has chosen to watch 30 seconds of your video or more – anyone who skips or drops off before that 30 second mark, consider those free views! This is why it’s called TrueView – it’s a TRUE view rather than a forced view.

Another benefit of TrueView is its various targeting capabilities. You can target your videos to keywords, categories, topics, demographic, location, gender and more! You can layer on various targeting types to increase relevancy and really narrow down on your target audience.

Not only does TrueView increase video views, but it’s also another avenue to drive additional traffic to your site. If a viewer is interested in your messaging, they are able to go directly to your website by clicking your video, at no additional cost to you. Since you are charged on a cost-per-view and not cost-per-click basis, those additional clicks are free. This allows you to increase the traffic volume to your site from a channel outside of the traditional Search, Organic and Display.

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for an appealing way to compliment your marketing program at a fraction of the Search cost, TrueView ads would be a great channel to explore. Since you are charged only when a user watches at least 30 seconds of your video or more, you’re guaranteed that your advertising dollars are being well spent.


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