Transparency in a Web 2.0 World

As the world continues to flatten and technology drives us all closer together, consumers are targeted with an overabundance of information many times throughout the day.  We are constantly inundated with media messages form all angles.  Do “we” (consumers) still believe the marketing hype that companies put out there or are we looking for something REAL?

In a Web 2.0 world where even the most basic consumer is given a voice to assert their opinion, companies must learn to be transparent in their messaging.  People don’t really believe traditional marketing strategies anymore.  They want real verifiable information and feedback from other consumers.  They want information from a non-biased source so they can then come to their own conclusions about a company’s products and services.  The reason consumers gather information this way is simple…because its right at their finger tips.  And because consumers spend so much time researching and surfing the web for the REAL answers, it is imperative for companies to have a strong but transparent Internet marketing campaign.

Even PR firms are changing the way they approach their business.  Most good PR companies are now either partnering with Internet marketing firms or bringing those capabilities in house.  With handy tools like reputation management  and social media platforms, PR firms, Internet marketing companies, or just companies themsleves can not only monitor their own reputation, but get involved in controlling it a bit more.  If consumers are out their talking about your business, good and bad, you need to show them that you are available to respond.  Consumers do not want smoke and mirrors, especially in this economy…they want the real story about what you can offer them, for what price, and the type of return they will get for making that “investment”.  So get real with your business and your consumers and make sure to have a comprehensive online marketing strategy to support your message!

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