Top SEO Tools for 2015

SEO-Analytics-ChartIn my many years as an SEO professional I have come across and used quite a bit of different tools either to help myself or to help clients with their daily SEO.  Whether it’s using the tools for analysis, link building, link analysis, or social analytics, I’ve used almost all of them, too many to count, but I would love to share with you my favorites.

Note: I do not have any affiliation with any of the tools included within my post. These tools are, in my opinion, the best SEO tools to use in 2015 for your SEO campaigns. I’m going to break them into three sections: Analysis, Linking, and Performance Measurement/Reporting.

SEO Analysis Tools

  • Majestic: Majestic is a go to tool for many SEO’s. I’ve used Majestic for several years and have always found it to be one of the most accurate tools when it comes to SEO performance data. There have been several case studies supporting this fact as well. I do love using Majestic for performance statistics as well as website data, but when it comes to link analysis my choice would be Ahrefs, which leads me to the next tool.
  • Ahrefs:  When it comes to link analysis you can’t go wrong with this tool. In my opinion it crawls the most frequently and always gives the most in-depth linking report for a given domain. It also identifies new links quicker than any tool I have found.
  • Open Site Explorer:  Open Site Explorer is a Moz product. It’s also a very good tool for link analysis and some performance indicators such as domain authority. However, I feel like their index is much smaller than the previous two mentioned, which makes it not nearly as accurate when it comes to reporting backlinks. Although, it can be a very useful tool when it comes to link prospecting.
  • SEMrush:  This is absolutely the best tool for doing a competitive analysis. No tool even compares when it comes to discovering organic ranking positions for sites that you don’t have Google Analytics access to. I use this tool for keyword research all the time. Definitely one of my favorite SEO tools.
  • Siteliner:  Siteliner is a great crawling tool used to find duplicate content, broken links, and more! It’s also free, making it a great alternative to a duplicate content tool like Copyscape.
  • BuzzSumo:  BuzzSumo is a fantastic tool for content. You can easily filter through content that’s relevant to your niche and sort it by the number of social shares across Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can also use it as a competitive analysis tool by comparing different domains to see who’s producing the most shared content.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider:  Screaming Frog is one of the most powerful website analysis tools.  It’s desktop based, and is also a great tool for finding broken links and building strategies around that. It’s also a great competitive analysis tool because can crawl competitor’s URL’s to find out what meta data they are implementing.
  • Followerwonk:  This is another Moz owned tool that’s an advanced Twitter analytics platform. It lets you analyze the followers of your competitors, track the success of your Twitter campaigns, and helps you search for social influencers within your niche.
  • KeywordTool:  This is a fantastic tool for keyword research. KeywordTool shows you the top search related terms for a given keyword and will give you the top Google auto populated continuations of that keyword for every single letter of the alphabet. It will give you up to 750 Google suggestions for free, making it a great keyword tool!

Link Building Tools

  • Ahrefs: I know I mentioned this one before but again, I feel like it’s one of the best link tools out there. The best tool for analyzing a competitor’s backlink profile, giving you the opportunity to imitate what’s working for your competition.
  • Scrapebox:  What can’t you do with Scrapebox? Often dubbed as the black-hat tool of SEO, Scrapebox can be your ultimate weapon, but if used in the wrong way can also lead to your demise. This is a great tool for keyword research, link prospecting/building, broken link building, and pretty much any scraping task that you’ll ever need to perform. However, be sure you are running this tool off of several different proxies or Google could ban your IP address if you scrape them too often.
  • HARO: HARO stands for help a reporter out- and that’s exactly what it is designed for. Great for finding influences and publishers in your niche. Great tool for building relationships. However, as with most tools that are similar, it has become a platform of spam users. You can still build good relationships from this tool, but try not to be too spammy in your requests or it won’t get you anywhere.
  • Email Format in combination with Rapportive: Email Format is a great outreaching tool. It allows you to find email formats from sites like New York Times, Forbes, etc… Basically, how it works is you can find an influencer on a popular site that you want to reach out to. Put that site into Email Format and it will give you the common email format for that given site.  For example, you would get From there you can download rapportive for Chrome and you can open your Gmail account. Once opened, just compose a new email, type in the email address using the writer’s name in the format that you just received and simply hit the tab key and rapportive will let you know if that is a legitimate email address… If it is, you’re all set to send your email request!

Performance Management/Reporting

  • Google Analytics:  This one is pretty straight forward. If you’re an SEO professional and haven’t heard of Google Analytics you may want to rethink your profession!
  • Sprout Social: This is one of the best tools for reporting your social media campaigns. It has some great social listening aspects and scheduling features. Not only does it have great reporting features but it can also do a pretty good job at executing and setting up your campaigns!
  • Authority Labs: Authority Labs is a great keyword-ranking tracker tool. There are some nice reporting elements to Authority Labs, making it a go to tool for tracking rankings.
  • SharedCount: This is my favorite tool at the moment for tracking total Social shares for URL’s, likes, tweets, and more. If you haven’t tried it you definitely should! Very good tool for tracking a competitor’s social landscape too.

While this may seem like an extensive list of tools, they are by far my favorite SEO tools for 2015 that will help launch your campaigns to the next level. If you think I missed anything, feel free to leave a comment below!

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    Wait… what’s Google Analytics?


    But really, what a list of powerhouse tools!
    If I may, super simple but great tool for doing page titles and meta descriptions:
    Has an instant updating SERP preview, which I didn’t think I’d like as much as I do!

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