The Top 5 Benefits Of Investing In PPC

Why is Pay-Per-Click advertising an important piece of the digital marketing strategy? This is a common question that I’ve been asked several times by potential clients, friends, family, interns, and co-workers in other department. I even remember asking this question myself 8 years ago before I got started in the industry.  If you ask me now, I could give you numerous reasons. For the sake of time, I’ll give you the top 5 reasons.

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Whatever the goals of your business may be, PPC can play a key role. It’s a great avenue to generate additional traffic to your site, increase overall revenue, and build brand awareness. This being said, you might be thinking, “Well, SEO can do that too and SEO is free, you don’t have to pay per click.” Well, SEO isn’t truly “free” and there are a lot of important advantages to PPC that you can’t get with SEO.


1.  With PPC, you can rank for keywords that you may not rank for in SEO.

Competitive Keywords: If you’re a mortgage company, for example, the high volume term “best mortgage companies” may be close to impossible to rank for due to its competitiveness.  With PPC on the other hand, it’s auction based so you have the potential to show in a top position, assuming you’re bidding high enough and have a strong enough quality score.

Branded Keywords: You may not rank in the organic search results for branded misspellings, but you can rank in first position on these terms in Paid Search. If you don’t bid on these types of terms, there is a good chance that your competitor will steal that traffic from you.


2.  PPC gives you the opportunity to own more SERP real estate.

For the keywords that you currently rank for in SEO, you have the opportunity to double your SERP real estate by showing PPC ads. This gives you twice the visibility you would normally get and allows you to capture even more traffic.


3.  PPC is a great way to advertise promotions, special offers and other last minute deals.

Since PPC can easily be turned on and off in a matter of seconds, you can leverage your ad copy and sitelinks to advertise last minute deals and sales. If you have a promotion running in a specific city or region, you can target your campaign to that location so that deal only shows to users in that particular area.


4.  PPC ads give you the opportunity to opt into Google Ad Extensions.

AdWords has various ad extensions that you can opt your PPC ads into: product listings, sitelinks, location extensions, social extensions, call extensions and offer extensions.  These extensions are not available for organic listings, which is another benefit to running PPC. They are known to increase ad copy appeal, real estate, and in turn, click-through-rate.


5.  Using PPC in combination with SEO has been proven to increase brand credibility.

There have been various tests done that have proven the theory that PPC and SEO complement each other. If you are ranking for both PPC and SEO, you’re seen as a more credible brand than if you’re just appearing in the organic search results.  In advertising, it’s very important to build trust with your consumer.  If your consumers continue to see your brand show up in both PPC and organic search, you’re building that brand recognition and trust.


You never know who could be searching for you! Make sure you get found!

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