Tips For Turbocharging Your Email Marketing Strategy

doorToday’s inboxes are inundated with emails from every type of service, product, daily giveaway, and rarely used for private messaging anymore (with Facebook and Twitter taking over).  The inbox is a battlefield, and in order to make any advance, you have to be a very strategic thinker.  You need to be able to get into your subscribers heads and know what they are wanting to receive from you. Most email marketing platforms provide the senders with stats on subscriber activity – known as behavior.  This includes how many times they open emails and how often they click on a link.  Generally speaking, most analysts focus on the majority of subscribers and not individualizing them (consider having 100,000 subscribers, that would be quite a task).  However, when looking at your lists behavior patterns can give you amazing insights into what they are wanting to read. Looking at the click rates of certain types of articles or offers gives you a good idea on whether you are offering the right products or information.  Looking at conversion data, essential with ecommerce, can conclude if the products offered are popular enough to keep advertising them. These items are not what gets the user to open the email.  You must build a rapport with your subscriber base.  It’s not all about the subject line (although this is critical).  In order to gain your reader’s dedication, you need to offer them enticing reasons to continue opening and reading your emails.  Give them exclusive insider information, first shot at giveaways and coupon codes only obtainable through email.  Don’t just hit them with Buy, Buy, Buy in every single email.   Provide industry updates and be informative.   Include videos or other interactive material that is both entertaining and informative about your company and your products. Lastly, I would like to touch on the foundation of your emails.  Are your emails mobile friendly?  If not, then you are likely losing over 50% of your users on a regular basis.  If they know your emails are not mobile friendly, they will likely just stop opening them.  In some cases, if the offer is compelling enough, they may wait to open the email on a computer – but likely will just forget. So be sure to consider responsive design templates.

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