Tips for Creating the Best Agency Life for Millennials

agency life millennialsIn a nutshell, we millennials are a bunch of tech-savvy young adults with a lot of ideas. We strive for creativity, innovation and open communication.

Those of us who have chosen the marketing and advertising route can sometimes find a daily routine to become a bit stiff and stale causing a lack of inspiration. And that’s a shame, because we feel the most fulfilled in our work when we are inspired and passionate about what we are doing.

An office does not have to be a cold and intimidating place. Millennials enjoy a workplace where there is a sense of community, one that fosters mutualism and has high energy.

Here are a few ways millennials will enjoy the office much more:

Working Together 

A study by PWC found that millennials value teamwork more so than previous generations. Being engaged with co-workers and feeding off each other’s energy is an easy way to improve the dynamic in the workplace. After all isn’t there that old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” Being team-oriented ensures clear two-way communication, improving team direction toward reaching marketing goals and objectives. For example, if the creative content team and the social media team are always on the same page, the process to execute a content piece will be so much smoother.

Free Spirits

Financial stability and a secure career path have traditionally been main motivators to work. Millennials, however, are driven by social engagement and want flexibility. According to an article by Forbes, “72% of millennials would like to be their own boss.” Why is that? In short, we value our freedom and don’t want to sacrifice our lives for a paycheck.

IMI’s Senior Digital PR Specialist Katie Malone says benefits such as unlimited paid time off or work-from-home are becoming dealmakers or breakers for job seekers and job satisfaction to millennials.

Ask for what you want and don’t back down. Motivation is key and without it, we will resent our work rather than be passionate about it. A work and life balance is attainable.

Company Culture 

Building a company culture ensures that sense of community. Suggest having a regular lunch or breakfast special once a week that everyone can look forward to in the breakroom. Try playing some 80’s music on Friday afternoons when the week is winding down, because who doesn’t still like a-ha’s “Take On Me?” Or, have a go-to local coffee shop and invite everyone to work outside the office for a bit.

These small perks can align with your company’s values and make you that much more committed to your place of work. It brings liveliness to the office and that can make all the difference. Plus, it presents more exciting opportunities to get creative and even share some amazing social media content.

Having a Sense of Humor 

Goofing off a bit at work may have been taboo in the past but we all need a good laugh every once in awhile. At IMI, we like to have a sense of humor and surprise each other.

Keeping nerf guns under the desk awaiting a sneak attack is just enough to bring some much-needed laughs after a long day. Having this more laid-back approach is a sure way to enjoy working at your agency. Laughter is after all considered one of the best stress relievers out there!

IMI Earned Media Intern Melissa Artobello said, “Even though I’ve only been here a short time, I’d have to say the people here are what make working fun and enjoyable. The fact that everyone’s so laid-back makes it less intimidating to come into work.”

Subscribe to Quality Sites 

Google is your friend — no, seriously. The Internet is a melting pot of content that can be used for daily inspiration. When running low on energy and ideas it helps to have a couple of go-to sites. Pinterest provides colorful and artistic feed from an abundance of bloggers.

A couple other good sources to stay up to date with news within the marketing industry include sites like Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner and Subscribe and skim away!

Have a Creative Outlet

Photography, blogging, video and graphic design are all ways millennials are expressing themselves on digital platforms. Whatever marketing area you work in, whether it’s paid media, social media, SEO or account services, having an outlet to regularly express yourself helps you stay in a creative state of mind.

These are positive uses of your spare time that can carry into your work. Start that music blog you’ve been wanting to do or your own YouTube channel. Of course, it doesn’t have to all be digital, any engagement in arts has the same effect. Have fun and learn more of what you can do.

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