Time to Drive More E-Commerce Sales with Amazon Advertising

looking at amazon advertising on smartphoneBrands realize advertising with Amazon represents a profitable way to boost brand awareness, heighten market penetration, and increase e-commerce sales. Do more with Amazon Advertising, while also touching on foundational ways to drive e-commerce sales by following this tips.

Keep It Small to Start

It’s not recommended to spend the majority of your marketing budget on Amazon Advertising without first testing the waters. Start small, then spend quality time analyzing the data from the ad spends to determine where to spend money going forward. This is applicable to any platform you’re trying for the first time. Just because it works for others, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work the same for you.

Use Amazon Reporting

Allow your campaign enough time to gather data. Then, jump in and take a look at how your Amazon Advertising plan is working. Analytics reports enable marketers to see what is working and what can be abandoned or optimized. Amazon provides several useful reports to guide your marketing decisions. However, it’s best to enable custom reporting when using an integrated strategy. This allows you to better tailor your approach for future campaigns and make the most of your marketing spend.

Spend Time on Descriptions

Search terms are everything when it comes to maximizing Amazon advertisement ROI. Don’t skimp on your titles or product descriptions. Steer clear from generic or titles that are too short. A comprehensive title can encompass numerous important search terms and maximize conversion opportunities.

Go Beyond Text with Video

Today’s consumer loves video, as it delivers a richer, more enveloping experience than words or static pictures alone. Video is well-received across multiple devices, including a mobile app, smartphone, traditional computer, laptop, tablet, or website. Think about the value it provides to the customer. Likely your audience will find it helpful to see a product demonstration rather than simply reading a description.

Include Reviews

The Amazon 5-star review system represents a key buying consideration for devotees. Use this as a tactic that can drive sales and capture the attention of prospective visitors to your brand’s website or social media pages. Highlight your best feedback and respond to reviews to remedy problems quickly and effectively.

Understand Manual Vs. Automatic Targeting Options

Manual targeting means your advertisement is placed in front of a customer when they search for one of your specific keywords. Automatic targeting allows Amazon’s logic to position your ads in front of customers who search for items that closely match your product’s key characteristics.

These tactics can help brands maximize Amazon’s powerful advertising services. Keep them in mind when creating Amazon marketing campaigns. Driving more e-commerce sales means reaching your audience where they’re at and providing the information they need to make a purchasing decision. This isn’t limited to a singular approach. Online shoppers take different directions before “adding to cart.”

While Amazon is a tool to consider incorporating into your e-commerce sales strategy, think of how to use it with your other channels to maximize results.

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