Time is a changing

“Newspapers are more popular than ever.  Magazines are more popular than ever…but [People] are reading them on the internet and everything on the internet is free…” (Walter Isaacson – Editor of Time Magazine).  Walter is corect with this statement – well, almost correct – there are still some websites that charge you to read their content.  Walter later goes on to argue that these sites need to charge for their content.  Although I don’t agree whole-heartedly with Walter’s premise of charging for content on the internet, he makes a point that should be hammered home to everyone.  When the editor in chief of TIME Magazine says that everything is turning to the internet, you have to realize the internet’s power. Internet marketing companies have been arguing for years that print is dead and the internet really is the only way and medium you should advertise.  Even commercials for big companies are airing online as opposed to the tv.

Getting back to Walter’s point, you have to wonder what the going rate is for a journalist online these days.  Before blogs and social media websites, magazines, newspapers, and television were really the only place where a society could get their content and news.  The medium has obviously changed and not just the journalism industry but countless other industries as well.

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