The f/stop: This Week in Digital Marketing 8-5-2016


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“You can’t just recreate another product. But you can say ‘what’s really awesome about a format? And does it apply to our network?’ “

                   -Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO


Same-same, but different… but still same!
On Tuesday, Instagram updated its platform to allow users to post a streamline of photos and videos (up to 10 seconds) that are only visible for 24 hours. After the 24 hours they disappear forever, but posters can save their content to their camera rolls. Users can also write text, post emojis, and draw on top of their posts. Not only that but you can choose who sees your posts (sorry mom)! Viewing other’s posts are also simple. Instagram cleverly named this extremely innovative feature, Stories. Not to be confused with Snapchat’s err….. Stories.

They see mid-rollin’ they hatin’.
Facebook started testing mid-roll video ads in Facebook Live’s broadcasts of top publishing partners. The ads will not appear unless the user has watched at least 5 minutes of the stream and the ads are only 15 seconds or less. The Zuck doesn’t want pre-roll spots because he thinks it ruins the viewing experience. You might be wondering, “What if something good happens in the 15 seconds of the ad?” Publishers can turn off ads if they are streaming something important or valuable to the viewers. Publishers also control what categories of advertisers can run in their channels. Some brands opted out of having their ads appear on Facebook Live, their concern is that they can’t control where their ads show up and they don’t want it appearing during a tragedy, such as the police shooting of Philando Castille.

WTF Wednesdays and customer service??
Kit and Ace, a luxury leisure apparel brand launched by Lululemon, has been using Snapchat in an interesting way. They have been seeing Snapchat more similarly to television. They release video series where audiences can tune in at their convenience. The brand is also getting realtime audience engagement with interactive series such as “Truth or Dare” Tuesdays, where a company executive responds to viewer’s questions or requests, such as “Show us the weirdest thing on your desk,” or “Give us a sneak preview of an upcoming line.” Although not large, Kit and Ace has also been integrating its customer service into Snapchats updated video and phone chat.

New research on social media!
TrackMaven, the marketing analytics software company, released its report on social media marketing strategy on 51 million pieces of content from over 40,000 companies across 130 major industries. Here’s what they discovered.

1.    The Music industry’s engagement surpasses all on Twitter and Instagram – The average interactions are 1,745 per Tweet and 58,546 per post on Instagram.

2.    Sports and Entertainment businesses rank in the top 10 on Facebook by average number of followers, posts per month, and interactions per post.

3.    On LinkedIn, the most engaged industries are Wine & Spirits (Diageo), Luxury Goods & Jewelry (Louis Vuitton), and Airlines/Aviation(Emirates). Interestingly, Pharma companies have the highest average following but not as much engagement.

4.    Businesses engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook.

5.    Engagement per 1,000 followers decreased on Instagram (-25.85%), Facebook (-8.27%), LinkedIn (-7.6%). Increased slightly on Twitter (+1.08%).



Are you under the influence?
Influencer marketing is getting big, and fast. With the rise of Ad Blocking software it only makes sense to use influencers to tell your story. eMarketer has released some information on the most effective ways to utilize influencers. TapInfluence surveyed marketers and influencers to see what works. Marketers report that ongoing brand ambassadorships are the most effective (70.6%), with product reviews at a close second (66.7%). Influencers report that the factor that retains their audiences engagement is that they are keepin’ it real(71.2%). What we can take away from this data is that influencers help drive engagement and brand awareness and allowing influencers creative freedom is important because it gives a more authentic connection between them and your brand. Click the link to see how the other tactics and factors performed.

What to say to your friend in SEO when they’re running late to Happy Hour. What’s your ETA?
Expanded text ads are here, and Merkle has released CTR of ETAs versus standard text ads. Merkle participated in the ETA beta and has been analyzing the performance for non-brand and brand traffic since April. Google stated that CTR would see a 20% lift with ETAs. Merkle saw that non-brand expanded text ads drove a 16% lift in CTR on desktop, 8% on tablets, and only 4% on mobiles. Brand ETAs were on par with standard text ads in CTR on tablets, but slightly worse on mobile (-4%) and desktop (-1%). The whole reason for ETAs were to give mobile users more info up front to give them more confidence to click, so it is interesting to see desktop outperform mobile. SearchEngineLand asserts that these are early results and also points out that distinct mobile ad copy is not supported with expanded text ads, meaning the same messaging is served across all devices.

Display ads just got hotter with these beer Googles.
Along with expanded text ads, Google has released reactive display ads format. This is great news for display advertisers since Google announced it would no long support Flash ads by January 2017. The new Responsive GDN gives advertisers the ability to reformat to fit different ad sizes and placements. This allows ads to adapt to different content types and screen sizes. Previously, Google automatically selected an image from a client’s website or Google+ account which didn’t always portray the best message. Now advertisers can’ choose an image or logo to appear in rich media ads and native formats. ƒ/story


Can you use a different font?
This infographic goes through 14 commonly used designer terms that often get confused. Creative might appreciate you take a scroll through this.
“A font is a variation of weights (bold, italics, thin) of a typeface. A typeface is a ‘family’ of fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Bebas, etc.”

Brace yourself, agency memes are coming.
The Incumbent Agency has started an Instagram account with memes of the agency life made from stock images.
*WARNING* Clicking this link will cause symptoms such as: Loss of productivity, smiling, and in some cases laughing out loud (LOL).

If experiencing productivity loss longer than 15 minutes, please consult your boss.


Millennial Consumer Behavior
·      Make Mobile Purchases →  52%
·      Are Influenced by Reviews → 78%
·      Learn About Products on Social Media  55%
·      Start Research on Amazon 24%
·      Make Purchases When Emailed a Coupon Code  57.4%
·      Shop in Bed  67%

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