The f/stop: This Week In Digital Marketing 8-19-16

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The secret formula for viral content!

Andrea Lehr is a Brand Relationship Strategist at Fractl and her team have done some research and found a common emotional combination between 100 viral images on Reddit. They simply asked 400 people “How does this image make you feel?” They found that the top viral emotions were positive but that negative emotions can also be viral. Lehr also discusses the roles emotional arousal and dominance plays in viral content. This is where it becomes really complex. Ultimately what they found was that viral content tends to be surprising and emotionally complex. But the levels of arousal and dominance required to produce viral content could vary depending on the emotional sentiment attached to it.

Lehr states that “Positive content is primed for social sharing, especially when dominance is high,” but also claims “Negative content can still earn shares, but it needs to shock.” Lehr gives really good examples of video campaigns explaining these combinations in her article. ƒ/story

Under Armour and their majestical Mer-man.

Michael Phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time and also an Under Armour sponsored athlete. UA released a “Rule Yourself” video campaign featuring Phelps and a few other elites. This video of Phelps is the second most shared Olympics ad for 2016 and they did it by eliciting inspiration, amazement, pride, and happiness, all in 90-seconds. The video portrays Phelps’ endless sacrifice and flashes clips of him swimming through a seemingly endless pool, and the audience knows that it all comes to an end in Rio. The video does an amazing job of showing what it takes to win 23 medals. Based on data from Unruly, 56% of the video shares came from Facebook, 47% of people reported a feeling of inspiration, and 78% of people were able to report the brand in the video.ƒ/story

Pinterest doesn’t want to get left out! 

Pinterest’s Product Manager, Steve Davis, announced in a blog post that Pinterest is developing a native video player. They’ve seen a 60% increase in videos on Pinterest and found out that Pinners are twice as likely to to give something a try if they see a how-to video. expect the Pinterest to start rolling out updates in the next few months. ƒ/story


Toyota just used snapchat in a completely new way at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. They set geofilter zones within the festival itself. Users in those zones who took snapshots and swiped left to add a filter were served with a VIP pass to a secret show. Very innovative way of using the geofilter that is non-intrusive and gives the audience an exclusive experience. ƒ/story

“Snapsearch it!” Vurb-age for your indecisive friend. 

Word on the street is Snapchat could be closing a deal on a mobile search app,Vurb. A little background on the app, Vurb is the only search app that can make suggestions for you based on your interests, what’s trending, time of day, weather, and location. They pull information from partners like Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes to help you find the places you want to eat or the movies you want to see. In the app you can also get directions, make reservations, book tickets, or even pull an Uber. TechCrunch describes the possibilities of Snapchat’s acquisition of Vurb. When users message a friend about going to watch a movie or going out to eat, Snapchat could help the users learn more or make suggestions and ultimately help them make plans to meet up. ƒ/story


General Zuckerberg leading the war against Adblockers!

Facebook has released ad preferences for its users. Facebook claims consumers are just as interested in targeted ads as they are in content. The new feature shows users which companies may be targeting them based on their email. The user can remove any of the companies on the list so that they aren’t targeted by them. Users can also prevent ads based on interests. If the user does not have fitness or sports related interests they will not be served ads from those industries. This way the consumer is being served ads most relevant to their interest. This also improves the effectiveness of marketers ad spending. Facebook’s strategy against ad-blockers is to make it extremely difficult for ad-blockers to distinguish an ad from a regular post.

How to influence an influencer.

Paying an influencer based on performance is not the way. According to this article from Digiday, CPE for influencers looks good on paper but doesn’t really pan out in practice. For example, one of the reasons CPE doesn’t work, is if a brand works with an influencer with a goal of 50,000 likes and the post ends up getting 80,000 likes, who is going to pay for the extra 30,000 likes? Brands usually have a set budget for a campaign so they are probably not going to pay those extra likes. Paying influencers by engagement could also affect the influencer’s authenticity and devalue their content. An influencer could try to boost audience engagement by using sweepstakes and giveaways, or buy likes and shares. Marketers and influencer agencies suggest that it is best to pay influencers based on impressions or a flat rate for content based on their number of followers.

FTC won’t let me be!

The Federal Trade Commission is beginning to take legal actions on advertisers deceptiveness with influencer marketing. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment settled with FTC over charges that it deceived customers by paying internet influencers to give their video game positive reviews without disclosing that influencers were paid and told how to promote it. Influencers need to be using hashtags like #ad , #sponsored, and #sp. Some argue that hashtags are sometimes hidden from the audience within the posters slew of hashtags. #sp might easily go unnoticed.

Google gets AMPed.

Google is expanding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) to more organic search results. AMPs improve the mobile users experience by increasing the performance of the mobile web. By removing unnecessary web page elements such as JavaScript and most ads, they page basically loads almost instantly, similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles. Although it improves the users experience it does not improve search rankings. Creating AMP for a website may not improve rankings but it will improve the experience for site visitors. Having your site load faster could leave them with a good impression and encourage them to return. AMP websites will also be stamped with an AMP logo when searched. This could also increase traffic based on users seeing the symbol, knowing that it will load quickly.


Panda, Panda, Panda….

Getting to know your designers and what their distinct skills are could really help you bring your content ideas to fruition! Here are the 10 types of designers. Which types fit the IMI creative team?

Rosetta Stone: Learn unhelpful client feedback. 

Feedback is good but can sometimes be unhelpful. At times it’s vague like, “I’m not really sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.” Or it could be just a plain, “I like it!” Which can also be unhelpful. What about it does the client like? Here are 11 unhelpful phrases that clients use, what they mean, and how we can counter them to pull good feedback.


Cleared for landing. 

According to James Scherer, content editor for Wishpond, homepages are dead and it’s all about landing pages. This article goes through why it’s necessary to have a landing page based on how people reached your website. Whether it’s through Google Search, Adwords, Social Advertising Campaigns, SEO Campaigns, or Link Referral. He has a reason for why landing pages is the best across all avenues. Scherer states that the stats show that “the more landing pages your business has, the more leads you generate, the more traffic you have and the better ROI you get from online marketing.” Dell (has over 1,000 landing pages) saw a 300% increase in conversions when testing against unoptimized website pages.


Influencers’ Favorite Platform

·      Facebook →  32%
·      Instagram 24%
·      Twitter 18%
      Pinterest 10%
      Other 12%
      Don’t know/not sure 5%

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