The f/stop: This Week in Digital Marketing 7-22-2016

A weekly snapshot of digital marketing
“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”   
                                                                      – Jack London


Snapchat’s got a little courage flowing through it.
Alcohol brands are starting to advertise on snapchat. The age demographic of Snapchat has definitely been a concern seeing that many of its users are teens but Snapchat has claimed they are able to target users based on age entered when registering. However this does not prevent age appropriate users from posting the lens to their stories and sharing them to underage users. Some brands are still baby-sitting this marketing strategy until Snapchat has better targeting.

Don’t be a square… unless you’re marketing on Facebook.
Landry Service’s data reports that view rates for square videos are 28% higher than horizontal and view through rates are greater by 54%. People are also 67% more likely to watch the full length of a square-oriented video than a horizontal one. This is just much more user friendly for Facebook users on Mobile. It utilizes more space on the screen. Wendy’s has just released a campaign using the 1:1 format and will only run on Facebook.

Alright Facebook! We’ll download Messenger, get off our backs!
Back in 2014 Facebook split the messaging function from its app, forcing users to use Messenger. At the time, there were only 200 million users and now facebook reports that there are more than 1 billion monthly active users.

We mustache you a question, but we’ll shave it for later.
Unilever reportedly bought the Dollar Shave Club for a smooth $1B. MarketingLand had an interview with the CMO where he shares their video marketing strategy which started on YouTube in 2012 where they launched the video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great!” Key takeaways of the interview are:

  1. Design for the channel. Context matters. Don’t copy and paste your content.
  2. Approach production with agility. Don’t be afraid to improvise.
  3. Tell a story, don’t just sell. Ads are by nature intrusive — videos should reward the consumer for giving you a moment of their time.



PIKACHU! … Bless you.
We’ve all been hearing about Pokémon Go and by now you are either a master trainer or you’ve not even bothered because you don’t see the point. Doesn’t matter what you think because the insane number of users are real. The value of Nintendo’s business also just passed Sony with the launch of this app. On July 20, Pokemon Go launched in Japan and McDonald’s is reported as the first launch partner for the app. All 300,000 McDonald’s in Japan will be hot locations that users will be crowding around at.

You just got served!
Apparently, Snapchat is working on a way to serve ads based on the objects in their users’ posts. The example used in the patent for image recognition is if someone takes a picture of the empire state building, they will get served a filter of King Kong and depending on which face of the building you’re on you may see King Kong’s delightful face or his equally pleasant backside. There is also the potential of serving ads and coupons within snapchat. If you snapped a photo of your Starbucks (PSL) you could get served a coupon or ad.


Look up for inspiration, not down in desperation.
Here are 8 sites that may get you out of the creative ditch. Sites such as Dribbble post others’ web and mobile designs for you to see and hopefully spark some magic inside you.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

   – Steve Jobs                     



The struggle is real for social marketers
The social analytics solutions firm, Simply Measured, surveyed 350 marketers focused on social media in North America and this is what they report as their top challenges.
·      Measuring ROI →  61.1%
·      Securing budget and resources 38.2%
·      Tying social to business goals 33.6%
·      Tracking results in a centralized dashboard 27.6%
·      Understanding performance across social channels 25.2%

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