The Unexpected Crash of

On Tuesday, the Target Corp launched its limited collection Italian design label Missoni, for a short period of time before a high volume of eager shoppers caused to crash.

Target mentioned that the number of items customers wanted per order was even bigger than what is usually seen for orders on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year after Thanksgiving that usually marks the start of the traditional holiday season and is one of the biggest selling days in the industry.

The limited collection of Missoni features more than 400 items in Missoni’s Signature zigzag, mix-match and other graphic prints including luggage, bikes and wine boxes with the average price of apparel in the collection being $49.99.  The brand offers a high-end cashmere crewneck sweater that run nearly $800 and striped dresses for $1,400 sold at the retail store Neiman Marcus.

The page displayed the message “Woof! We are suddenly extremely popular. You may not be able to access our site momentarily due to unusually high traffic. Please stay here we’ll try to get you in as soon as we can.” The crash of affected the online sales for all products that Target sold online. The site came on for a short amount of time before the site crashed once again.

The limited collection line of Missoni was meant to generate significant traffic and buzz for Target, which had done just that. The collection will be on sale at the company’s store through Oct 22.

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